The construction of our two bio-gas plants meant that we had to face the challenge of handling large quantities of digestate.

Both plants are supplied with centrifuged corn stillage and molasses, whose dry mass content is around 4%.

Aiming to maximize the use of all raw materials, we commenced efforts, in 2019, to register and market FERMROL, an organic fertilizer. A positive decision was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in April 2020.

Our live, organic fertilizer is liquid, contains nitrogen and can be used for fertilizing field crops and on permanent grasslands. It can be used on all sorts of soil and to remediate degraded land. Fermrol is particularly recommended for use on land with high amounts of plant residues (cereal and corn straw, rapeseed residues). 

Dedicated for ecological, sustainable farms. A solution for anyone facing low yields of bio crops. 

Our specialist will be happy to provide you with a detailed specification of the fertilizer.