Respecting natural environment is one of our fundamental values. To reflect that, we are heavily invested in renewable energy sources. Every year, the amount of energy we use comes from green, sustainable sources.

The energy is generated in two methanation installations:

1. the Stork, a smaller one rated at 0.48 MW and

2. the bigger one, the Heron, rated at 1.44 MW.

Both installations are the offspring of research & development works conducted by Ima Polska SA as a part of the project: “Research and Development Works on the Management of Farming and Food Production Waste” co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development.

Corn stillage is used for the generation of biogas. The process takes place in closed, stainless steel tanks and has no negative impact on the environment.

We have also implemented several innovative solutions to reclaim a large amount of water, which is later returned to the distillery. The biogas is then burned in co-generation turbines that generate electricity and heat.

Year by year, we are getting closer to being fully self-sufficient in terms of energy.