Jakub Ima

CEO and founder. Directly supervises the financial and sales departments. Always eager to meet with customers and suppliers. In private, Jakub enjoys statistics, graphs and new tech ... plus checkered shirts. A huge fan of Manchester United.

Wojciech Czajka 

Co-owner. Professional driver, farmer and entrepreneur - started his first business 3 days after his 18th birthday. Responsible for sourcing raw materials and transport for the plant’s needs.

Krzysztof Ima

Engineer. The company's main technology expert. Krzysztof knows the business inside & out. Born in the distillery, participated in the construction of many Polish Polmos plants. Not afraid of any project. Loves cooking and making home-made liqueurs in his spare time.

Michał Ima

Supervises the logistics and distribution of products. Knows all transport requirements and specifications like the back of his hand. Experienced both in retail and wholesale.

Aleksandra Przybylak

Financial director. A down to earth professional. Maintains financial discipline, sets up the budget and sources financing for the company. Once the numbers are done, Aleksandra practices karate and horseback riding.

Paweł Górnik

All-seeing expert in supervising and optimising production processes. Distillation and rectifying columns have no mysteries left for Paweł. A new challenge? This is the right address. 

Marcelina Mielcarek

Has worked in ethanol industry since almost the beginning of her professional career. Responsible for purchasing and selling ethyl alcohol domestically. An Interior design enthusiast. Interior design is her passion. 

Alicja Kurkowicz 

Foreign customers specialist. Alicja's family  claim she's been a natural trader since her earliest years. Her job is purchasing and selling ethyl alcohol in foreign markets.

Aleksandra Trawczyńska

R&D project coordinator. Manages the company's lab and R&D department with clockwork precision and diligence. Full of energy, individualistic enthusiast of multitasking.

Błażej Wojciechowski

Has in-depth, expert knowledge of cereals, from a seed in the soil, to a fully grown ear. Responsible for purchasing cereal raw materials. Tirelessly spends most of his time on the go. Closely tied with agriculture and distilling since his earliest years.