Our highly qualified and certified laboratory staff are experts with many years of experience in research and development.

The team’s knowledge of the industry and expertise let them conduct highly specialised tests, satisfying even the most stringent quality standards. 

The company’s potential is driven by the lab’s team. Our belief in and commitment to on-going training and development enables our driven lab team to continue to uncover and develop the latest research methods and innovative testing equipment, to continue to grow and development the best products.

Our internal chromatography laboratory has two gas chromatographs and one liquid chromatograph. The minimum number of tests conducted on a gas chromatograph is 30 analyses per day. The chromatographs operate independently. The time of a single analysis is 25 minutes. Our biogas analyses and measurements of process water parameters are performed on an UV-VIS spectrometer located in our chemical analysis laboratory. 

Raw material is crucial for the production process, so we pay a particular attention to grain quality. We control the contamination level, and with our NIR device we test the contents of starch, fat and proteins in each batch of raw material. We act according to the accepted standards: ISO 9001:2012; ISO 14001:2015 and HACCP. 

Our products are GMO-free and produced in compliance with the REACH Regulation.